If you’re joining our union — 十博手机网站 — you should expect more than just insurance.

让我们先回答最大的问题:是的, 十博手机网站 offers $8 million in Occupational Liability Insurance (OLI).


When you join our union — either through one of our local unions or our 准会员资格的程序 — you join a union family of more than 65,000 educators 和 school employees in K-12 和 higher education. 你也加入了1的行列.7 million members of our national affiliate, the American Federation of Teachers, 和 the 12.5会员劳联-产联.


地方、州 & 国家权力

  • 当地的焦点. Our union has more local 和 regional offices than any other education organization in Texas. That means localized attention to the issues in your workplace 和 the needs of your community.
  • 立法倡议. Our union has dedicated lobbyists for the Texas Legislature, 德州教育局, the Teacher Retirement System 和 other state agencies. 在积极倡导, 我们赢得了全州范围的加薪, state-paid health insurance 和 the passage of the 学校安全的行为.  
  • 国家游说. Our affiliations with the American Federation of Teachers 和 the AFL-CIO also mean we have a powerful national voice in Washington, D.C. We’re also able to learn from 和 share resources with other state unions.   

工作场所的保护 & 服务

Of course, we also offer the concrete benefits you expect too. Every member of 十博手机网站, regardless of district or area, gets the following:

  • 800万美元的职业责任保险. This is your protection against lawsuits relating to the scope of your duties as a school employee. This includes civil rights violation claims 和 a 35000美元的法律诉讼信托 防止犯罪事件的发生.  
  • 法律辩护基金. This fund protects against employment-related claims.   
  • 25000美元的意外死亡 & 解体的报道. 会员应填写广告&D beneficiary card 和 keep a copy in their personal files.  
  • 5000美元的定期人寿保险. New members can activate this policy for free for one year. At the end of the year, they can choose to continue the policy or not.  
  • 特殊的保险提供了. 通过 国家教师协会Horace Mann, members can get special offers 和 services on life insurance 和 other supplemental insurance.
  • 学生贷款援助. AFT成员可以访问 夏天, an online student loan management platform that can help you navigate your repayment 和 loan forgiveness options.  
  • 服务的折扣. 通过我们的 联盟+项目, you can save thous和s of dollars on services like auto insurance, 你的抵押贷款, 租车, 信用卡, 主题公园等等. Additionally, some local unions have special offers for their members.  

联盟+ & 额外的德州AFT福利

AFT offers our members a wide range of money-saving programs 和 discounts that can often help cover the cost of your membership dues. 其中大部分都可以通过 联盟+项目, which means terrific savings for you on travel, pet care, mortgages, AT&无线服务,人寿保险等等!

你也可以阅读十博官网手机版你的国家 好处在船尾, where you can access the site by using your member ID number.

If you haven’t yet received your member number or have lost your card, 请致电AFT或填写 援助的形式.

全国教师协会(NTA) was created to serve educators with their needs for life insurance 和 other supplemental insurance products (including disability, 癌症, 事故, 心和ICU). NTA also has worked with 十博手机网站 on numerous events 和 professional issues trainings 和 is a trusted partner for our members. 拥有超过40年的经验, 和 a commitment to working with teachers unions across the country, NTA is your go-to source for finding the coverage you need.

Horace Mann has a unique appreciation for the challenges educators face because the company was Founded by Educators for Educators®. Our underst和ing of those challenges has led them to develop products 和 services to help you achieve your financial goals—whether you’re a new teacher concerned about repaying college loans or an experienced educator preparing for retirement. Horace Mann can help you protect yourself 和 your family from risk, save for the future 和 feel more confident that you will have enough income in retirement. Their solutions often offer unique benefits 和 discounts designed especially for educators.

专业发展 & 资源

We know professional development is a top priority too, 和 we have several programs to help you in your work.


The Bridges Institute is a 501(c)3 nonprofit devoted to professional development 和 educational resources for Texas Educators.  

You can expect regularly scheduled programming on topics like: 

The Bridges Institute is a 501(c)3 nonprofit devoted to professional development 和 educational resources for Texas Educators.  

You can expect regularly scheduled programming on topics like:   

  • Technology trainings on tools like Google Classroom, Zoom 和 Schoology 
  • Workshops on T-TESS, goal setting 和 your rights as educators 
  • 健康课程和瑜伽课程 

 报名参加 即将到来的会议 在Bridges事件日历上.  


需要一个特定主题的教学计划? 分享我的课 is a curated online database of high-quality lesson plans 和 resources — available to you for free. You can search by grade level or look at special collections designed to connect students with current events 和 themes.


AFT与第一本书合作, a nonprofit that provides free 和 low-cost books 和 resources to students who need them. 通过这个合作关系, 十博手机网站 has helped distribute nearly 1 million free books to Title 1 schools across the state.